Boiler Explosion Policy

This policy known as Boiler and Pressure Plant Policy covers damage to Boilers and Pressure Plant located in your premises caused due to explosion, implosion or collapse other than Fire. The policy covers additionally damage to surrounding properties and legal liability arising out of damage to thirdy party property or bodily injury. The policy can be extended to cover Express Freight, Additional Customs Duty and Air Freight.

  • The policy does not cover:

      • War or War like Perils
      • Gradual wear and tear
      • Fire & Allied Perils
      • Acts of Wilful Negligence/Misconduct
      • Loss or damage to parts for which manufacturer is responsible
      • Any Consequential Loss

Disclaimer: The above is a broad indication. The actual available are as described in the policy wordings of the insurance company and will be subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.