Commercial Crime

Corporate Frauds in India has been on rise every year. Even with best of practice, rules and regulations in place, whenever a corporate fraud surfaces it surprise one and all in the management. The worst is that a discovered corporate fraud is just a tip of iceberg, it amazes that the perpetrator was committing the crime for few years.

  • Commercial crime insurance covers:

      • Dishonest or fraudulent act committed by an employee or any other person (acting alone or in collusion with others).
      • Computer Fraud
      • Theft, Disappearance of Destruction
      • Forgery & Counterfeiting
      • Fund Transfer Frauds

Additional covers include cost of investigation, Legal Fees and Expenses, Interest Receivables and Payables, Reconstitution Costs etc.We provide customized services to ensure that the policy wordings are in line with the risk exposure of the business entity and superior support on claims.

Disclaimer: The above is a broad indication. The actual available are as described in the policy wordings of the insurance company and will be subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.