Group Mediclaim Insurance

Employees are the pillars to the success of any organization. Therefore an organization has an interest in ensuring to provide health insurance benefits to its employees resulting in the continuity of service engagement and a happy employee. A well designed group health policy is also an HR tool to retain and attract new talent. Group Health Insurance can cover an employee, its immediate family of spouse and children and it can also be extended to cover the parents of the employees. The sum insured opted can be floated across the family. The policy covers expenses incurred towards hospitalizationpre & post hospitalization expenses incurred for treatment of an ailment.

The basic policy covers hosts of medical treatment related expenses like room rent, ICU charges, nursing charges, operation theatre charges, cost of implants, rentals for medical equipments, pharmacy bills, diagnostic expenses towards laboratory and medical tests, ambulance charges, maternity expenses, cost of surgeon and doctor visits. The health policy can be negotiated to remove certain exclusions like pre-existing disease, waiting charges, 1st /2nd/3rd years exclusion of diseases and many other.

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