Professional Idemnity

Professional service providers may become legally liable to pay for damages due to negligent act or errors & omissions during the discharge of their professional duties. While they may have to pay for awards of civil liability, there are additional costs of legal fees and legal expenses are also incurred to defend the claim. Notably, judicial activism is increasing than before thus making the professional service providers subject to greater litigation risks & actions on slightest of negligence or errors.

  • The policy is highly suitable for:

      • Lawyer and Law Firms
      • Architectures, Interior Designers and Companies
      • Chartered Accountants and Accounting Firms
      • IT Consultants and Companies
      • Consultants, Management Consultants, & Financial Advisors
      • Medical Practioners
      • Surveyors and Valuers
      • Professionals and Professional bodies

The policy provides cover for damages awarded by the court as well as cost of defending the suit made by third party. We provide customized services to ensure that the policy wordings are in line with the risk exposure of the professional organization and support on claims.