Risk Analysis

Industries and Businesses have become far more complex both with the increased demand in innovation, technological and process advancement. Thus, a simple risk engineering inspection and audit may not suffice the requirement of an organization to continuous meet the ever increasing risk management.

Risk analysis thus involves a structured approach of risk assessment – segregating Insurable & Non-Insurable Risk, Risk Management – Accept, Reduce and Transfer, Risk Monitoring and Review, and more importantly Risk Communication across the depth and breadth of an organization.

Risk Analysis from an Insurance perspective is to be distinguished from any other of the Organizational Risks; however it weaves into overall Risk Management Objective of the Organization. Insurance Risk Analysis is not a simple bifurcation between Insurable Risks and Uninsurable Risks, but an active and dynamic assessment as we are in a world of constant change which can affect the risks facing an organization.

For example, a change in law, can spring up a risk which needs to be assessed and decide upon to be insurable. A change in political landscape of a state/country may also have the same effect. An initiative taken by a regulator or government can expose the organization to risks which were in low intensity matrix.

At Anand Rathi, we continuously engage our clients into not only a simple Risk Engineering Inspection but a comprehensive inputs and analysis of such dynamic scenarios.

We continue to provide the basic risk engineering services that includes, risk inspection, Insurance Policy Audits, HAZOP Studies, Safety and Health Services, Loss Prevention Services and so on.