Insurance is a way to protect your assets and transfer risk to minimize your damages. Filing a claim against damages should get the attention it deserves and lead to faster pay-outs. That said, large claim pay-outs can affect your insurability and lead to increased premiums.

At Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers Limited (ARIBL), we offer claims advisory to ensure timely payments while minimizing the impact on your premiums. Our dedicated claims team of over 50+ people across India provides efficient and timely claims assistance. Our cumulative experience of over 100 years gives us the expertise to make the claims management process fair and just within the framework of policy terms and conditions.

Our Offerings

Claim Document Preparation

Get claims documents ready in time and as per the specifications of the insurance company’s appointed surveyor.

Claim Optimisation

Optimize claim amount to get the most from the policy terms and conditions.

Claims Portal

We offer our clients a customized claims management portal for a seamless settlement process. Login here.

We offer


Transfer your risks


Cover loss during transit with marine insurance


Start the journey from liability to security

Cyber Risk

Protect your business against cyber threats

Affinity Solutions

Attractive solutions for your Affinity needs

Trade Credit

Transfer your third-party risks

Property and Engineering

Find the right insurance policy for you


Get custom solutions for complex risks


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