Liabilities arise when there is physical, financial, personal, or material harm to a third party. Such harm may manifest as personal injury, death, property damage, or lawsuits secondary to these. Industries involved in clinical trials, professional services, manufacturing, financial services, technology, event organization, etc., are prone to several such risks. Given the potential large financial impact of liability risks, robust risk identification and management strategies need to be in place.

At Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers Limited (ARIBL), we specialize in Liability insurance products providing the entire continuum of services from Risk identification, Gap analysis, Benefit designing, and Placement to claim support for the entirety of the contract. We complement our services with advisory on the latest market trends and regulatory and statutory requirements to enable a comprehensive risk framework.

Our Offerings

Clinical Trials Liability insurance

Gain insights into the various forms of monetary and statutory compensations arising from injury, equipment damage, data breach, legal and medical payments due to harm resulting from clinical trials. We provide you with industry best practices, describe coverage nuances, and provide you with the cost-benefit analysis done by specialty experts to support business decision-making.

Computer and Electronic Crime Policy

Cyber frauds and cybercrimes have become an area of concern with rapid digitization and remote/hybrid work models, especially in the banking and financial services industry. Get coverage of legal expenses for fund transfer due to computer system compromise, alteration of electronic data, fraudulent electronic or voice communication, and cyber extortion.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy

Protect against legal costs from libel charges, unintentional infringement of intellectual property rights, documentary loss, breach of confidentiality or contract, and consequential loss occurring due to Errors and Omissions.

Public Offering of Securities Insurance

Get coverage for legal costs of defence proceedings and any damages awarded when shareholders suffer a loss based on wrong statements, false proclamations, and negligent pronouncements in the prospectus when there is the first sale of securities by a company to the public.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Cover your statutory liability arising from an occupational disease, injury, or death of workers arising out of and in the course of employment. The insurance also covers third-party claims, loss of consortium, injury from a company product, and consequential injury/illness to spouse secondary to employee illness/injury.

Commercial General Liability

Get worldwide coverage for both product and public liability. You can get comprehensive general liability insurance that can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of the business model or a specific contractual need. Key extensions include coverage for medical expenses, damage to the rented premise, Act of God perils, food & beverage cover, lift insurance, care custody, and control cover, designated premise cover, and pollution extension.

Event Liability Insurance

Get indemnity against liability due to event cancellations, physical loss, or damage to property and accidents.

Public Liability

Protect against costs arising out of personal injury, damage to third-party property, and death due to incidents on the business property, including legal expenses.

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