Industries we serve

Our experts come with a strong experience in risk management and a deep knowledge of the industry they operate in. We work with you to understand your business and the ecosystem surrounding it to create custom solutions for risk transfer, provide you with a choice of coverage options, and review policy wordings to ensure optimal coverage.

Sector-specific expertise

Banking and Financial Services

In an increasingly complex financial risk landscape, we provide banks and financial institutions with ironclad risk solutions.


In a digital and connected world, we provide manufacturers with solutions to deal with the new and evolving risk landscape.

Power, Oil & Gas

An industry prone to high volatility, geopolitical dynamics, and changing consumption patterns, we help companies identify and safeguard against emerging risks.


In an industry faced with technological, regulatory and climate risks, we help safeguard the assets of cement companies


In an industry prone to complex risks during goods transit, we help companies navigate risk landscape