Risk is a complex and ever-evolving landscape for pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and chemicals industries. The highly regulated and investment-intensive research, development, and commercialization process exposes the business to a high degree of risk. Compliance failures, supply chain issues, increased cyber exposure, environment risk, product recalls, compromised employee health & safety, delayed time to market, and many other risk exposures affect business outcomes and reputation.

Risk management is a critical business imperative for companies in the pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and chemicals industries. At ARIBL, we have dedicated specialists with deep domain experience who can handle the unique risk management and insurance needs of your company. Our client centricity, strong relationships and ability to negotiate competitive terms from insurers and reinsurers make us one of the leading risk and insurance solutions providers. Our experts help you navigate the risk landscape while reducing the total cost of risk, ensuring contract certainty, managing complex risks and large claims.

Our Offerings

Risk Consulting

Understand emerging risks and develop an optimal risk management strategy complete with innovative insurance solutions. Get benchmarked against best practices in the industry with actionable recommendations. Analyse your risk exposure with supply chain assessments, business interruption analytics, business continuity studies, merger and acquisition due diligence, and natural hazard modelling. Get customised industry-specific covers and policy wordings.

Property Damage

Get coverage to cover costs from property damage to premises, stock, equipment etc. Get access to our specialized risk engineering and property loss control services. End-to-end support available for policy design, placement and claims management.

Business Interruption

Get coverage for loss of income and operational expenses incurred due to business interruption from pre-defined causes.

Supply Chain and Contingent Business Interruption (CBI)

Get reimbursed for lost profits and costs associated with supply chain disruptions. We offer CBI insurance to cover losses from physical disruptions to your suppliers or downstream customers with a more comprehensive supply chain cover.

Marine Cargo

Protect your goods/ cargo in transit over sea, air, road, rail, or post. Choose to cover a single cargo or an annual policy covering all incoming and outgoing goods. The coverage ranges from a named peril risk to an all risks cover and includes the perils of the sea, theft, fire, malicious damages, strike, riots, civil commotion, overturning, jettison, and act of gods perils and accidents. The ocean journey also covers the perils of war and war-like activities, including general average and salvage charges.

Clinical Trials

Get indemnity against legal liability to any research subject covering death, bodily injury, physical or mental illness, or disability caused during the clinical trial studies. Cover single or multiple trials and the costs and expenses incurred towards defending the claim.

Commercial General Liability

Get complete protection against third-party public and product liabilities. Cover loss or damages incurred within your premises and caused by your products.

Product Liability and Recall

Cover your liabilities and legal expenses as the seller or supplier of physical goods in the event of physical injury or damage to third parties and their property. Get insured against damages arising from product recalls, including expenses necessary for the recall.

Cyber Insurance

Cover damages that your clients or partners suffer from a cyber-attack on your business. These include legal fees, notification costs, regulatory fines & penalties, and media liability.

Sector-specific expertise

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