Life insurance and savings for old age are essential risk management strategies. Many individuals are not well versed with investments and require domain experts. Life insurance companies play a vital role through their various products. An endowment plan is one such product that combines life insurance and investments. The investments in the endowment plan are an optimal long-term saving option for those with a low-risk appetite. Life insurers take a part of the money as a premium for insurance while investing the rest. The bonus accrued from investments is paid back at maturity or at the time of death claim. Pandemic has renewed the importance of life insurance products to support families in their time of need.

Given the multitude of insurers and products available, it can be challenging to find the right solution. At Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers, we provide advisory, comparatives, placement, and claims management support. Our industry experts are well versed in the life insurance market, the strengths of various insurers and the regulations surrounding life insurance products. We help you find the right life insurance partner for financial planning.

Our Offerings

Endowment plan risk consulting

Get expert advice on various endowment options regarding sum insured, term to consider and investment amount. Our consultants provide:

  • Explanation of policy terms and conditions
  • Risk-benefit advisory
  • Support in filling out forms
  • Support with pre-placement medical tests if needed

Policy placement

Get premium of various plans for your consideration. Our experts place your endowment coverage with the insurer of your choice.

Claims management

We support the easy settlement of bonus and benefit amounts at the time of maturity or death.

We offer

Group Term Life Insurance

Be at peace with life-risk solutions

Individual Term Life

Protect your family through term life cover

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