Life is filled with uncertainties and various events such as natural and man-made calamities, lifestyle diseases, accidents, etc. can lead to an untimely demise. In addition to grief, the loss of income from death of the breadwinner can bring an enormous financial strain on the remaining family. Hence, it is crucial that provision is made to secure the future of the family to cover liabilities such as loan payments, child education, marriage and household expenses, etc. Individual term life insurance is an affordable solution with large benefits that provide pay-outs to a nominee in case of the death of the policyholder within the specified term.

The risk profile and financial needs of the individuals vary widely. At Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers Limited (ARIBL), dedicated service personnel helps people choose the life product that best suits their requirements. Our deep expertise in the domain of life insurance, thorough market understanding and customer servicing excellence ensure that the best support is provided to our customers. Our teams are equipped to help people understand the product in detail, customize the policy and support at the time of claims.

Our Offerings

Individual term plan risk consulting 

Get expert advice on term life options. Our consultants provide:

  • Insights on various payment options such as lump sum, monthly or a combination of both
  • Support decisions around coverage amount, term and type of cover.
  • Advisory based on market trends

Policy placement

Term life plans are low premium plans, but for those looking at add-on coverages or return of premiums at the expiry of the term, premiums are higher. Get coverage for a term life plan of your choice. Our experts place the following individual term life products.

  • Term life policy
  • Add-on riders
  • Term Plans with Return of Premiums (TROPs)

Claims management

Get support at the time of claim. Our team is available to answer all questions relating to the claims process.

We offer

Group Term Life Insurance

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