Geopolitical, legislative, and economic changes can impact the ability of debtors to fulfil their contractual obligations against goods and services. Trade credit insurance addresses risks arising from non-payment of commercial debts and allows companies to manage commercial and political risks by protecting capital and maintaining cash flow. Industries dependent on imports and exports are impacted more by political events, but any industry with a buyer-lender relationship can be impacted.

You need portfolio review and gap identification followed by the right risk solution to mitigate credit risk. At Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers Limited (ARIBL), we specialize in trade insurance products. Our product experts can provide you with market updates, share emerging risks landscape and devise customized solutions for you.

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Trade credit insurance

Get protected against protracted default or delayed payments, insolvency of the buyer, currency inconvertibility, import license cancellation, political risks leading to impact on outward remittances and default by the government-owned buyer. This covers a portfolio of buyers and will indemnify an agreed percentage of invoice/invoices that remain unpaid.

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