Accidents can happen to anyone at any time leading to death, permanent disablement, or temporary disability. This can result in financial losses due to condition management or loss of earnings or both. Group personal accident insurance is a risk protection measure that organizations such as corporates, banks, educational institutes, etc. can take on behalf of their members. Such a cover provides assurance to the members that their financial needs will be taken care of if they are unable to work temporarily or permanently. As benefits are rapidly gaining in importance in the eyes of staff and other members, this leads to an enhanced value proposition.

Group personal accident cover can be curated in multiple ways, and organizations are leaning towards experts to get the right coverage at best cost. At Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers, we have domain experts to create most cost-effective and appropriate personal accident solutions. We have deep industry knowledge and experience to provide the intel on best practices, market trends, and insurer dynamics. Partner with us to get a bouquet of services from product design and placement to claims settlement.

Our Offerings

Group personal accident risk consulting 

Get the right advisory for your group personal accident policy. The scope of our consulting services include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis of various ways to construct the policy such as flat, graded or salary linked.
  • Benefit benchmarking and recommendations
  • Policy wording suggestions
  • Ensuring contract certainty

Policy placement

Get 24*7 cover for sudden, unforeseen and uncontrollable events occurring anywhere in the world. The policy provides compensation for the following:

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent total disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Temporary total disablement

Claims management

Our team supports you in getting timely claims settlement through addressing all queries and collaborating with the insurers.


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